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C Bavister, Secretary

June Ramblings

As we hit Winter, the evenings and mornings are darker and cooler. When you are out and about make sure that you take an extra layer. The temperature can drop quickly when the sun dips behind the hills. Maybe do your shopping later in the day when it has warmed up.

If you need to go to a health appointment (Doctor or hospital) there is the health shuttle which can pick you up at no cost. You just need to book in advance. The phone number is 0800 785 646.

The committee is supporting the national Grey Power office investigation into the testing for renewal of our driver's licences and the inquiry into Aged Care by providing member feedback on the issues.

The Grey Power Federation AGM is happening this week. The board will see a number of changes in personnel. The AGM will also give directions to the board of the topics which they should tackle over the next twelve months. Your delegates are attending and we can expect feedback about the event. The Grey Power Magazine website should have news about it as well.




Supercheap Auto

Battery Recycling in Rotorua

Small batteries can currently be dropped off for recycling at Bunnings. Please do not put them in your red or yellow lid bins as they can be a fire risk. Larger batteries, for example car batteries, can be dropped off at the Recycling Centre in town.


Simply bring your old batteries to Bunnings and deposit them in the collection unit at the front entrance. Then, the partner Envirostream will manage the collection and recycling process. 

However, tape your batteries before placing them in the collection unit, as used batteries may still contain residual charge that can create a spark, leading to a potential fire hazard. Preventing this is as simple as using clear sticky tape, non-conductive electrical tape, or duct tape over the exposed battery terminal, or on the top and bottom face for button cell batteries. Please be mindful to keep the battery label information visible if you're not using clear tape.


The following batteries are accepted: Household single use and rechargeable batteries, such as: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 6V, Power tool batteries, Button cell batteries, Other handheld-sized batteries that fit into the collection unit slot. 

Bunnings cannot accept lead acid batteries, car batteries, products with embedded batteries or other batteries that do not fit into the battery collection unit slot. Please ask the Bunning's team if you're unsure whether your batteries can be accepted in the unit.

Lead acid car batteries can be recycled at Repco or Supercheap Auto.

The Rotorua Recycling Centre, 20 Te Ngae Road, accepts all types of batteries, including vehicle and electric bicycle batteries. 

F Hohener

Membership Secretary

Snippets of Importance

Today's Meal - a Living Cost Issue

A hot topic is the cost of living, not only in New Zealand, but in many other countries as well. If you are short of funds, there is no need to go without a meal since there a number of places which can help you with a meal. Download the sheet Places to Go for a Kai in Rotorua for details (information supplied by AgeConcern).

Elder Abuse

As many as one in ten older people in New Zealand will experience some kind of elder abuse. Any act that causes harm to an older person is elder abuse, including:

  • psychological abuse – for example, threats, humiliation or harassment that causes feelings of distress, shame or powerlessness

  • financial abuse – for example, illegal use of someone’s money or assets, or being pressured to change a will or sign documents

  • physical abuse – including any physical harm or injury

  • sexual abuse – including any non-consensual sexual activity

  • neglect of any kind, whether intentional or unintentional

  • not providing food, housing or medical care.


If you have concerns about how you are being treated or feel frightened or at risk, help is available. It’s free, and available 24 hours a day.

Freephone: 0800 32 668 65
Text: 5032

If you are in immediate danger, call 111 and ask for the Police.

My Card - Free for Rotorua Locals

My Card is the key for unlocking locals’ rates, discounts, special offers and more. Some epic Rotorua businesses are offering great discounts and specials to locals with a My Card. My Card is FREE and it’s easy to sign up online or in person at the Rotorua i-site, 1167 Fenton Street Rotorua (bring photo ID and proof of address with you)!



Office Opening: Tuesday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 2 

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