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C Bavister, Secretary

April Ramblings

Another month has flown by, with the end of daylight saving and winter around the corner. We have had our AGM and a small committee has been elected. Thank you to all those who attended. With this small group some functions will not be able to be carried on. Unfortunately the outings will not be continuing at this stage. We are asking if you would be willing to take over this role. It would be identifying and organising outings once a month. You do not have to be a committee member. If you can help, please contact the office and leave a message with the staff or on the answer phone (07 346 1739).


I have also learned that if you are a mobility card holder you can park in any car park with your pass displayed it won't cost you anything. Isn’t that great? Also with the final rates payment for 2023/2024 due in May, a reminder that if you are experiencing difficulty please contact the council on 07 348 4199 or email to They will be able to provide guidance on how to manage the rates payment suitable to your circumstances. You may even qualify for the rebate scheme.

Our super has gone up, and the winter energy payment is starting. Great, we can afford a packet of chocolate biscuits now with our hot 'cuppa'! Keep dry and warm.

Chris Harper

G Hanson (edited)

Conversation with the Elderly

It is sometimes difficult to start and hold a conversation with older persons even when we ourselves are 'classified' as being elderly. Here are some tips for you and the younger generation which could be helpful for you.

The difficulty is due to a variety of reasons that can include hearing challenges, communication difficulties, chronic pain, and cognitive decline. Any of these factors can decrease their attention span and make having conversations a bit more difficult.

Speaking to seniors is, of course, similar to speaking to someone your own age. However, there are a few ways you can improve your listening and speaking skills, which can make a conversation more meaningful.

First, remember that communication is both listening and speaking. Often, a family member goes into a conversation as the main speaker, leaving the senior to listen most of the time. Instead, ensure you are giving plenty of speaking time to your loved one. Offer encouraging words so that they continue with their story or point of view. To keep them talking, try saying, “Tell me more about that.” Or ask, “What happened next?”

If you don’t agree with your loved one’s opinion during a conversation, resist the urge to argue. Instead, see if you can just redirect the conversation to something that will leave you both feeling peaceful.

Conversations can turn ineffective with the wrong approach. Here are a few bad practices that can lead to poor responses:

  • Don’t assume every older adult has hearing challenges. Resist the urge to speak loudly and instead check in to ensure they can hear you.

  • Don’t have a conversation while you are doing the dishes, cleaning up, or focusing on another task.

  • Don’t stand up while they are sitting down. Instead, get at eye level before starting your conversation.

  • Don’t interrupt. Remember, silence doesn’t have to be awkward.

  • Don’t redirect if your loved one starts talking about a subject that isn’t directly related to the question you asked. You might learn something new from the story they are choosing to tell.

  • Don’t make yourself the star of the show. Although you are certainly a part of the conversation, try to keep the focus on your loved one instead of jumping in with too many of your own stories.

  • Don’t be afraid to use physical items to move the conversation along. Use photos or objects that might spark new conversations.

Click HERE to read the full article which provides more advice.

F Hohener

Membership Secretary

Snippets of Importance

Have You Paid Your 2024 Grey Power Subscription?

If you have paid, thank you. If not, please pay promptly to Grey Power Rotorua by the due date 20 April 2024. If you remain unfinancial, you will not receive the magazine from the Grey Power Federation, nor will you be entitled to receive any other benefits from the Federation or Grey Power Rotorua.

Remember, you must be a financial Grey Power Rotorua member to belong to Grey Power Electricity and receive cheaper electricity rates and any other additional benefits they make available to members.

Grey Power Rotorua Promotion

Our website has a fresh look! It has been revamped to provide a more user friendly experience for members and visitors alike. The other main change is that you can pay your subscription, make a donation or buy our popular booklet 'Why Keep It Secret' using a credit/debit card (credit card fee applies). Go and have a look at our website ( and let us know what you think. We know there is room for improvements.

The committee has also published a pamphlet introducing Grey Power. It has a short summary of who we are, what we do, what benefits are available to members and the contact details. Pop into the office and grab some to give away to interested parties, retirement villages, organisations or businesses. 

Mobility Parking in Rotorua

Mobility card holders can use dedicated mobility spaces for as long as they want without paying. All other car parks can be used by mobility card holders, without paying, for double the amount of time specified (except P15 spaces which are limited to the time frames specified and are intended for quick pick up and drop offs). If no time limit is specified, mobility card holders may park in this space for as long as they require without having to pay. Ensure that your valid mobility permit is clearly displayed. Parking wardens monitor the mobility parking spaces to ensure vehicles have valid mobility permits.


“Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are”. Muhammad Ali

“When our memories outweigh our dreams, we have grown old”. Bill Clinton

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. C.S. Lewis

“You know you're getting old when all the names in your black book have Doctor or Hospital after them”. Harrison Ford

“You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older”. Anouk Aimee


Office Opening: Tuesday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 2 

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