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Grey Power and the Election 2023


Each general election year the Federation of Grey Power Associations Inc Board agree to an election strategy which aims to, firstly, to inform the general election candidates whose parties are above the 5% threshold of our concerns and to provide our policy on some current issues facing older people. Secondly, to ascertain what each political party's election policy is on these issues to enable a memorandum to be sent to associations and a Grey Power Quarterly magazine article to be written for members which allows them to compare relevant Grey Power policies with those of the main political parties.


There are approximately 760,000 older people (65+ years) in New Zealand. However, very little has been
said in the election promises published to date about older people specifically although many of the political party’s policies will affect this group. This paper will provide a précis of the most pertinent policies on issues which Grey Power consider of real importance in 2023. According to each party’s website and Grey Power’s discussions with politicians these policies have been announced to date. However, several parties have not released a specific policy manifesto or if they have, they are adding more policies. Nevertheless, this information was relevant at the time the article was sent to the magazine publisher.

Click HERE to read the full Grey Power Federation paper.

August Outing

The outing was a visit to the Collingwood Funeral Home. The Collingwood Funeral Home is located in a big old villa which has a lovely décor including beautiful art by Samoan painter Dave Sotogi.


The funeral home directors and staff were bubbly, approachable, genuine and caring. They displayed a deep respect for those of our loved ones who have passed on and for their families as well as their wishes. A fine assortment of ideas were displayed and we were educated in the variety of funeral services available.  Questions could be asked at any time and were promptly answered.


The morning ended with a brief presentation and a delicious morning tea. The visit was well worth it.


Sheryll Turei

Positive Ageing

The concept of positive ageing is about making the most of the benefits of being old and keeping a good attitude about life. It is about keeping a positive growth mindset throughout older age just like any other phase of life, regardless of challenges or opportunities.

Age Concern Rotorua is running a free, Positive Ageing Expo on the 16th of September 2023

Free entry with over 25 stalls and refreshments are available at Café

Grey Power Rotorua has a stall at the expo

Location: Parksyde Community Centre, Tarewa Place, Rotorua
When: Saturday 16th September from 9:30am until 2:30pm

Having a positive attitude during times of loss or change can help to make those life experiences easier and make life generally more satisfying. According to the Office for Seniors, positive ageing covers the full spectrum of experiences including health, independence, financial security, self-fulfilment, personal safety, and living environments.

Key factors for positive ageing
Positive ageing can be influenced by attitudes and qualities of keeping a positive mindset. For more information on key factors and strategies of positive aging click HERE


Renew and Join

Renewing your membership or joining Grey Power Rotorua is easy. You can do it all from your couch over the internet. Go to the Renew or Join page of our website. There you find all the information that is needed; membership fee and bank information. Fill out the form, make your payment and voilà; all done. Your friendly office staff will send you your new membership card or the welcome pack if you just joined. You will be on our mail out list as well and receive regular information what Grey Power Rotorua is up to.


18 Mon, 10.30am, Arts Village, Outing: Rotorua Curtain Bank

25 Mon, 1.00 & 5.30pm, Arawa Bowling Club, Forum: Meet the Candidates for the General Election


2 Mon, 1.00pm, Linton Park Community Centre, Forum: The State of Insurance in NZ

16 Mon, 10.30am, Arts Village, Outing: Details to be confirmed


2 Sat, CT Club, Year End Lunch: Details to be confirmed

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