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End of Year Lunch

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We are happy to announce this year's End of Year Lunch is in the same place as last year - Commercial Travellers Club, 26 Moncur Drive, Rotorua.


We will have light Entertainment, multiple Raffles and of course a great Meal. The meal includes a Starter, Salad Selection, Hot Buffet, Carvery and Dessert. The company you will have your meal with, is not to be 'sniffed' at either.

Tickets are limited by the capacity of the CT Club, so be quick to get one. You can order your ticket(s) via our website or by picking one up at the office (see Contact Us for details). Tickets ordered via the website will be issued once payment has been received. The ticket number is also your raffle number.

October Outing

Report by: Wieland Hartwig

We had a popular outing, visiting the Health and Disability Advocacy Service coordinator Tiani Broughton-Bell for an information session. It was quite a popular meeting with 14 members attending.


Tiani explained that the service's role is to support and give advice and help in resolving issues that medical patients or disabled people have with doctors, hospitals and health services in general. They are not there to provide treatments, but will take up peoples' issues on their behalf with a particular service or doctor. They will listen and ask for clarification and then steer people into the right direction as to where to go with their particular problem. The organisation also offers educational services and arranges visits between the affected parties.

They are not investigators or mediators, and don’t make decisions on whether there has been a breach of your right, but they will support you through the whole complaint process.

This is a service I had not heard of before. In a way it is similar to Grey Power in that they are advocates for the people.

The service is available on freephone 0800 555 050 or They do not have an office in Rotorua. Tiani works from home and from her car. Her area covers Tirau to Opotiki and Taupo to Matamata. You can reach her by email via and her phone number is 07 349 0182.


There will be no outing in November, December and January. The next outing will be on the third Monday of February 2024, that's February 19, 2024. There won't be any forums over that period either.


The last day of the office will be Thursday, December 7. The first day of the office will be Tuesday, February 13. We will be monitoring the email on a weekly basis during that time and will endeavour to attend to any urgent business. However, the answer phone and mail will not be monitored.

IMPORTANT: Every week some members pay their Grey Power Electricity Bill into our account. However, we do not process payments of Grey Power Electricity and need to refund you the monies. Unfortunately, we are unable to process the refunds during the office closure times. Hence, ensure that the payments go to the correct account.


Due to circumstances beyond our control we really need volunteers at the office, especially during the very busy membership renewal period starting in February. If you can spare three hours a week that would be great. Phone for details 07 985 4146 or 021 0274 7976.

The Grey Power Federation has created a special website for the Grey Power Magazine and news item. This is the first port of call to find out what our Federation is doing for us. This is public information, however there is also a member only section. Have you looked at it yet? Why not right now?


Thank you so much.

Wieland Hartwig/Lyn Walker & Office Staff




No outing

25, Sat, CT Club Rotorua, Year End Lunch: Details to be confirmed


7, Thu, 2pm, Office closes for the holiday period


13, Tue, 11.00am, Office re-opens for 2024

19, Mon, 10.30am, Arts Village, Outing: Details to be confirmed

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