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Magazine or Newsletter?


Some months ago your Committee was notified that our quarterly magazine publishers were likely to go out of business, prompting lots of discussion and research including asking members to tell us whether you wanted to continue the paper magazine or go digital. A resounding silence told us that it was not a matter of concern for you. We continued to debate how to communicate with those not on email, nowadays a substantial MINORITY of our membership.

The final nail in the quarterly paper Grey Power Rotorua (GPR) magazine's coffin has been the 30% increase in postal charges. Your Committee has unanimously resolved that, rather than increase the annual subscription to cover that cost, to change to a MONTHLY e-mailed newsletter. 

This will be edited by Gerald Hanson, published on our website, and notified to members by email each month. This will be a shorter, monthly, advertising-free update to keep you informed of GPR events, Committee discussions and other pertinent GPR news.

From Your Committee

The committee elected, by you, advocates  with information and comments that affect you at a regional and national level. We are very actively engaged in local issues. Currently the committee is exploring and working on:

  • Concerns over the egress in the Howard Morrison Centre.

  • Mobility parking at the Central Mall and other retailers car parks. Some disability car-parking have recently been removed. 

  • Arranging for “meet the candidates” forum for the general election candidates.

  • Arranging a meeting with the Mayor and councillors to ensure that they consider 55+ when drafting or changing policies.

  • Organising monthly outings and forums. 


Is Rotorua an Age Friendly City?

Do you have any concerns that you want Grey Power to advocate with the Rotorua Lakes Council?

Write to The Editor GPR News with it and it will be discussed at a committee meeting. We will advise you of our next move.

Send us an Email to Including your Membership Number, Email and Phone Number will ensure that you hear from us. 


205 Renewals are still outstanding.

Have You Been Scammed?

According to the 2019 Annual Report from Netsafe, nearly $23 million was reported as lost to Scammers.
There were over 16,000 scam reports with 2343 scams which involved financial loss.

The best way to safeguard yourself is to be mindful that scams exist and to understand the regular tactics used by the scammers. We will keep you up-to-date with this.

What are the most frequently used scams on the internet: Phishing, Romance and Shopping.

Keep your cool man! Part 1

The Pro’s of worrying:

1. More attentive to detail.
2. More motivated.
3. More polite and attentive to others.
4. Alert to risks and threats.

The Con’s of worrying:
1. Overly Cautious.
2. Less creative.
3. More possibility of being stressed.

4. Being closed minded.

How to make better decisions

  • Consider both costs and benefits to you and your family.

  • Justify your decision.

  • Distance yourself, step back and consider the implications.

  • Don’t believe the hype. Look carefully at the information source.

  • Do not make fast decisions. Make the right ones that have the best results.


17 Mon 10:30 Arts Village, Outing to the Rotorua Fire Station

7 Mon 13:00 Linton Park, Forum about the state of the insurance industry and how it impacts you
21 Mon 10:30 Arts Village, Outing, destination to be confirmed

4 Mon 13:00 Linton Park, Forum: Meet the Candidates for the national election
18 Mon 10:30 Arts Village, Outing, destination to be confirmed

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