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Rotorua rates rise:
Higher costs will hit struggling older people hard, says GreyPower


Advocates for older people in Rotorua say the district’s average 8.8 per cent rates rise is “ridiculous” and will hit superannuants already struggling with high living costs hard.

The first payment instalment for 2023-24 is due on August 20 after Rotorua Lakes Council signed off the rates increase last month. It would add about $190 to the rates bill of a home valued at $755,000 and about $330 for a $1.32 million home. 

The mayor says the council explored “every opportunity” to cut costs, and the rates rise is needed to fund safe and reliable infrastructure. 

Rotorua retiree Gerald Hanson said if he and his wife, who now live in a retirement community, still owned their home in Ngongotahā, “there would be a lot of money going out” each month. Hanson said he believed the rise was “going to hit people very hard”. “I would say with fuel prices going up as well and the food prices jumping, it’s going to be tough. I have no idea what next year’s going to bring.”

Grey Power Rotorua president Michelle Nahu said the rates rise had not come at a good time for anybody. But for the elderly, “it’s probably a worse time”. “If you’re on a super, we all know that unless you’ve paid for your retirement, it’s not a very good time. It’s sad because they’ve worked all their lives. They’ve contributed to our community forever. They’ve retired, and now they’re living on a pension that’s not enough to meet their living costs.” 


Nahu said Grey Power Rotorua would be increasing its communications and other activities in the next year to engage with local pensioners. “We want to know when they’re struggling,” Nahu said.

“Grey Power is about all the elderly in our community. You don’t have to be a member to reach out. Our office is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Just pop in and I’m sure one of our volunteers will be on-hand to help.”

Edited from the original article by the Daily Post

July Outing

On 17 July our Outings Group went to visit the local fire station. The Station Master showed us the insideand outside of the building and explained some of the technology to us.

Inside was the accommodation block for duty staff to rest as well as a leisure and recreation room with eating facilities and a proper kitchen. Our boys were very interested in the technology side. The different vehicles and their equipment were explained to us.

The proliferation of electric vehicles means additional complications for fire service staff because an EV on fire cannot simply be extinguished with water when the battery is on fire. In addition to that, every model of EV is different, location of batteries may be different and disconnection procedures are different. The officer on duty takes with him a tablet with a database of all EVs in NZ with all the relevant data.

Wieland Hartwig

From the Committee

The committee, elected by you, advocates with information and comments that affect us at a regional and national level. We also are active in local issues. Currently the committee is exploring and working on:

  • The committee continue to peruse the issue of disability parking in the Central Mall and endeavours to arrange a meeting with the mayor and councillors.

  • We have made a submission to the planning committee regarding the change in the annual plan to allow multi-level housing, We will not be presenting this is person.

  • Due to the short time frame, we were not able to make a submission on the proposed change in the speed level in the CBD and around schools.

  • We have been active in preparation of questions and liaising with candidates for the “meet the candidates” for the general election in October. The meeting  being on 25 September.


Grey Power Electricity Issues & Mispayments

If you have any issues with your Grey Power Electricity account or electrical supply, please phone 0800 473 976 directly.

We at Grey Power Rotorua are not able to help with your issues as this is a service provided by Pulse Energy to Grey Power members and our office cannot deal with your enquiries.

We are still getting Grey Power Electricity payments sent to our Grey Power Rotorua account every week. Ensure you label your payee names clearly, i.e. Electricity and Grey Power. The committee is considering if a fee should be applied for all the extra work this causes association.

Renew and Join

Renewing your membership or joining Grey Power Rotorua is easy. You can do it all from your couch over the internet. Go to the Renew or Join page of our website. There you find all the information that is needed; membership fee and bank information. Fill out the form, make your payment and voilà; all done. Your friendly office staff will send you your new membership card or the welcome pack if you just joined. You will be on our mail out list as well and receive regular information what Grey Power Rotorua is up to.


21 Mon, 10.30am, Arts Village, Outing: Collingwood Funeral Home

18 Mon, 10.30am, Arts Village, Outing: Rotorua Curtain Bank

25 Mon, 1.00 & 5.30pm, Arawa Bowling Club, Forum: Meet the Candidates for the national election

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