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What is Grey Power?

Grey Power Federation was founded in February 1986 as a voluntary organisation. Those involved in the early days were angry at the imposition of the surcharge on New Zealand Superannuation. Originally formed as the Auckland Superannuitants Association, Grey Power has grown nationally and gone from strength to strength.

Today there are about 45,000 financial members that stem from more than 76 Associations that are spread throughout the country.

Grey Power Federation’s Aims and Objectives
  1. To advance, support and protect the welfare and well being of older people.

  2. To affirm and protect that statutory right of every New Zealand resident, to a sufficient New Zealand Superannuation entitlement.

  3. To strive for a provision of a quality Health Care to all New Zealand residents regardless of income and location.

  4. To oppose all discriminatory and disadvantageous legislation affecting rights, security and dignity.

  5. To be non aligned with any political party, and to present a strong united lobby to all Parliament and statutory Bodies on matters affecting New Zealanders.

  6. To promote and establish links with kindred organisations.

  7. To promote recognition of the wide-ranging services provided by senior citizens of New Zealand.

  8. To gain recognition as an appropriate voice for all older New Zealanders.


Grey Power Rotorua

Grey Power Rotorua Inc was incorporated in October 1986 and has been serving our older residents since then as part of the Grey Power Federation Inc. Many good people have served on the committee since that date and helped to achieve the gains we enjoy today.

Grey Power Rotorua lobbies MPs and local government, as well as NGOs and corporates, in support of the Federation’s lobbying and as issues arrive locally.

Grey Power Achievements

A brief overview of some results that Grey Power has been effective in achieving:

  1. Removal of the Surtax

  2. Asset Testing Legislation being Phased Out

  3. Lower doctors’ Fees

  4. Lower Pharmacy Fees

  5. Removal Over 80’s Driving Tests

  6. Removal Simulated Driving Tests by Occupational Therapists

  7. Lower Tariff Electricity

  8. Superannuation Increased to 66% NATOTWW (net after tax ordinary time weekly wage)

  9. Rate Rebate Scheme revitalised and more recently extended to include retirement village residents

  10. Independent Superannuation & Income Centres

  11. Improved Regulations for Rest Homes

  12. Code of Practice for Rest Homes

  13. Abolition of Interest on Student Loans

  14. The National Superannuation Adjustment for the Tax Cuts in the 2008 Budget is a long awaited recognition by a major political party of the plight of the elderly reliant on NZ Superannuation

  15. Hearing aid subsidy increased

  16. Rates Rebate Scheme indexed to CPI. Amount now $580 (originally $500) and threshold now $23,240 (from 20,000 originally)

  17. Spot Audits for Rest Homes

  18. Retention of Graduating Doctors – (Student Loan)

  19. Lowering Electricity Increase for ETS

  20. Retention of SuperGold Card Off-Peak Travel

  21. Retention of SuperGold Card Waiheke Island Ferry Travel

  22. Increased funding for Gloucoma operations

  23. Annual clothing allowance for grandparents raising grandchildren (In conjunction with Grandparents raising Grandchildren)

  24. Winter Energy Payment

  25. Security doors on most Council owned pensioner flats

Our constitution

To see the Grey Power Rotorua Inc constitution, click here.


President: Michelle Nahu

Vice President: Miriam Ruberl

Secretary: Christine Bavister

Treasurer: David McPherson

Wieland Hartwig

Ann Wattam

Felix Hohener

Gerald Hanson

Judy Gregor

Outings/Forum Coordinator:

Wieland Hartwig   

021 0274 7976/07 985 4146

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